Running the scenic route

My favorite place to long run is on Spokane’s Centennial trail.  I don’t have to dodge or wait for traffic, the grade is easy and I can run as long as I want, even into Idaho.

This morning my husband Curtis and I had planned to run between 13 and 20 miles, to help me decide if I could manage a marathon in 3 weeks after a light mileage October while I recovered from an injury.

Since it’s been cold we slept in and weren’t on the trail until about 7:30.  It was still nippy.  The patches of puddles were ice slicks all morning.  It’s such a funny thing to be sweating when you’re cold.  Still, the sun shone for over half our run and we saw a bald eagle toward the end.  While my cell phone doesn’t take great pictures, I stopped to capture some of the fall beauty, including that majestic vulture.

I love where we live, that beauty like this is so close and accessible, that we can run out here until it’s covered in snow and ice.  Today we ran 16 miles, essentially a 3 hour date in which I have Curtis’ undivided attention as I yammer on about all sorts of things.

The run felt better than I expected, though I wasn’t tempted to add another 2 to 4 miles.  While the marathon is probably a bad idea, both physically and financially, we’ll take the weekend to ponder the possibility.  I’m glad it’s something to consider, because if it weren’t for that tempting marathon, I’d probably have run an easy 10 miles in town today.  I’m glad we ran the scenic route.

Where’s the prettiest place you’ve run?

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  • jte521

    Your trail looks lovely! My favorite place to run is the Air Line Trail, a rail trail in rural Connecticut. It’s lovely – mostly wooded, but runs through marshes, past ponds, over viaducts, etc. Very peaceful, and the surface is stone dust so it’s easy on the joints. There aren’t a lot of road crossings so that’s great, too.

    • If I’m ever in Connecticut I want to run on your trail – it sounds so peaceful.