7 Types of Twitter Bios

I’ve only been on Twitter for 7 months, not nearly long enough to have assimilated the unwritten rules and conventions, so who knows how many I’ve trampled and broken out of ignorance.  But in those 7 months of searching for like-minded tweeps to follow (see, I’m picking up a little lingo along the way), I’ve read thousands of profiles.  In that time I’ve noticed some trends.  See if you recognize any of these under-140-character descriptions:

1.  Laundry-lister

Dog lover, runner, cellist, under-water basket weaver, sleep walker, vegetarian, married, MSU alum, martini drinker, neat freak, accountant.

This tweep tries to cram every self-describing noun she can into the character count, separated by commas.  The laundry-list profile is efficient. It lets you connect over common interests and is a great way to quickly locate other under-water-basket-weaving-accountants who sleep walk with their dogs after drinking martinis.

2. Networker

Award-winning under-water basket weaver at ABC Corp. for many years. Tweets about industry trends. Available to speak at conferences. 

This tweep is all about the business connections and using Twitter to further his career or gain new clients. This is a good way to connect with others interested in your area of expertise, and build your status as someone in the know.  Just make sure you offer relevant information.

3. Disclaimer

Under-water basket weaver for XYZ Corp., mom to 2.5 kids & 1 gerbil.  Plays cribbage & soccer when not crafting baskets. Tweets are my own.

This is a networker who combines business with pleasure.  Her job is part of her identity but it doesn’t define her.  She put the legal-sounding statement at the end because:
A) She does a lot of brand promotion but doesn’t get paid to do it.
B) Her employer is a social-media-micro-managing-paranoid-butt-covering ogre and insisted she use the disclaimer because the name of the company is in her bio.
C) She’s watched a lot of Law & Order.
D) She wants to ensure that you understand she does, indeed, have a brain.

4. Zealot

Christian/Vegetarian/Rotarian/SomeKindOf-ian raising awareness about a cause that has touched my life in a profound way.

This tweep wears his deepest convictions or passions on his sleeve. This might be his faith, favorite cause or obsession. If you share his zeal, he’s a kindred spirit. If you don’t, he’ll broaden your horizons and make you ponder something deeper than what you had for lunch. I think everyone should follow at least one zealot.

5. Eager Beaver

I scour the internet for the best blogs, tips, tricks and tweets about under-water basket weaving so you don’t have to.

This tweep is positioning herself as a content expert. Or, she assumes everyone else is too lazy or busy to research and tweet about a topic as thoroughly and with as much originality as she does. She’s promising that if you follow her, she’ll spoon feed you the information you crave.

6. Quoter

“When weaving under water, plan on getting wet.” – Guru

This often positive tweep loves to be inspired and aspires to motivate and inspire others. I’m guessing he is the mostly likely tweep to retweet.

7. Blank


This tweep is on twitter to stalk her heroes and interact with her real-life friends. Or to spam. So why write a bio? Her heroes won’t follow back and her real life friends already know her laundry list of self-describing nouns.

What other types of Twitter bios have you noticed? What makes a bio stand out?

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