What you may not know about winter running

Photo by Evgeni Dinev

I’ve heard all the complaints about outdoor winter running. I’ve probably uttered most of them. But there’s something special about running when the meteorologist issues winter storm warnings, your sedentary friends hunker down in front of the T.V. with comfort food and your active friends turn to the treadmill.


Here are 20 things those friends may not know about running outside in the winter:

  1. It wakes you up and makes you feel alive.
  2. Ironically, it also warms you up.
  3. You still sweat.
  4. Your sweat freezes into sweatcicles if you have longer hair.
  5. Your sweat turns to frost on the outside of your clothes.
  6. When it’s dark and you can’t see where your feet land you feel like you’re flying.
  7. You slip less than most of the cars on the road, even the ones with studded snow tires and four-wheel drive.
  8. If you can’t feel your legs you can run further.
  9. Fresh snow is squeaky.
  10. Old snow is crunchy.
  11. Powdery snow is fluffy.
  12. Wet snow is like a weight workout.
  13. Slippery surfaces create a core workout.
  14. Freezing rain can exfoliate your face.
  15. Sunlight on snow sparkles more than a vampire.
  16. You get the best view of holiday light displays.
  17. The silence and solitude of snowfall is unmatched for meditation.
  18. You will feel your fingers again.
  19. It won’t kill you.
  20. You’ll be glad you went.
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  • Jen

    Love this! I do get terribly sick of winter, but there is something so special about running in the snow!

  • Barb

    all so very true!

  • Freezing rain can exfoliate my face? Sweet!

    I always say that I’m multitasking and getting my run AND my ice bath done at the same time. 🙂

    • That’s funny. See, it saves time to not need that post-run ice bath. I’m so using that.