How many social media sites are too many?

I’m on a lot of social media sites, at least six. Some I haven’t used since creating an initial profile (Launchpad and Google+). Some I rarely use (LinkedIn). Others I’ve deleted altogether (Referral Key). But I use three sites with purpose.

  • I joined Facebook a few years ago when I wrote an article about local businesses leveraging social media. I stayed to socialize with my far-flung real-life friends and family as well as a few friends I’ve met online.
  • I joined Twitter last May to research literary agents. I stayed to connect with other runners, writers and readers.
  • I joined Goodreads a few months ago to keep track of the books I read and get targeted recommendations for new books to read.

Since I’m a social person who works from home, with only my dog Tippy to keep me company, I’ve found social media to be a welcome water cooler break. And unlike the rambling conversations I sometimes encountered when I worked in cubicle-land, it only takes a quick click to exit and get back to work. I have no problem doing this.

But even spread over three sites that I use in varying degrees, if I wasn’t careful with time management, social media could easily gobble up my productive hours, leaving me little to work in.

So why did I just join another site? Shortly after creating a new 2012 tab in my running spreadsheet, I signed up for Daily Mile. Like I need to be on another social network or need another place to obsessively record my workouts.

It’s because I’m curious. After seeing a lot of running folk on Twitter post workouts from the site, I wondered if Daily Mile would provide an extra dose of motivation to help me meet my training goals.  You can never have too much motivation. Since singing up for Twitter I’ve logged a few miles and completed a bunch of planks and push ups that probably wouldn’t have happened without the inspiration and encouragement I’ve found there.

I’m also curious if Daily Mile will provide interesting stats beyond what I get from my trusty spreadsheet. I haven’t spent enough time on the site to know, but the donuts burned metric may be counter-productive. I sometimes crave donuts after long runs, along with bacon. I probably don’t need that kind of encouragement.

I’ll give Daily Mile a month or two before deciding if it’s worth a few minutes each day. Who knows, it may make me give up my spreadsheet, but I doubt it.

Meanwhile, I’m staying off of Google+, as always.

What social media do you use and why?

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  • Jen

    I JUST joined Daily Mile myself. Like you, I’m on a few other social media sides, with varying degrees of participation. I’m on Facebook and Twitter every day, Pinterest frequently, Goodreads occasionally, and LinkedIn only for work. I made a profile on Google+ but have never really used it (I don’t really “get” it, I think).

    I use Facebook mainly to keep in touch with my friends and catch up with people I haven’t seen in a while. I love Twitter for chatting with others as running-obsessed as I am, and Pinterest is just addictive and fun. I try to be more regular about my Goodreads use because I do like to track what I’ve read, but I’m not good at keeping up with that. I only use LinkedIn because I manage the alumnae group for the school where I work. Time will tell if/how often I use Daily Mile but so many people were talking about it on Twitter I figured it was worth checking out.

  • It looks like we’re kindred spirits in cyberspace. 🙂

  • I may have to show Daily Mile to the hubby (he runs every two days, I am more of the once a week type of girl :-))
    I joined Facebook early on and I use it quite often (less than at the beginning though). After moving back to Europe, I found it useful to stay in touch…
    I started blogging only a couple of months ago and then saw all the talk about Twitter. I jumped on the wagon and I am loving it (it´s great to connect with other writers and readers!).
    I also joined Goodreads to keep track of the book I read :-))
    I am usually on any on those social media when hubby is playing PS3….lol