The hidden benefit of blogging spam

I’m a little obsessive. Whenever I log onto my email I often quickly scan the junk folder. Though I’ll occasionally rescue a legitimate message, most of the time my electronic gatekeeper has effectively quarantined mail that’s infected, attention seeking, irritating, too-good-to-be true, perverted or predatory.

But the blogging spam filter is a little different. While my email filter is overflowing with ridiculous offers of sex, money and drugs, my blog comment filter includes compliments. I realize these are auto-generated nuisance messages designed to clog the cogs of cyberspace and many of them appear to be written by someone who doesn’t have a great grasp on English, but quite a few are also affirming.

Every writer experiences rejection, moments of doubt and feelings of failure, not to mention the occasional snarky review from an irritable reader or critic. That’s why I’m going to read my comment spam the next time I’m discouraged or struggling to meet my own heavy expectations. If I pretend some of these spammy nuggets are actually sincere praise it might be the boost I need to put the next paragraph on the page:

“Hello! I just wish to give a huge thumbs up for the very good information you’ve gotten appropriate here on this post. I will likely be coming back to your weblog for far more soon.”

“Some genuinely good posts on this website, thanks for contribution.”

“I went over this website and I believe you have a lot of wonderful information, saved to my bookmarks.”

“That’s Right!… This is a really good blog. Good work!…”

“This is high brow stuff. Not like those other posts.”

“Thanks for posting this. Reading your blog I’m amazed how much time you have put into it.”

What do you do for a pick-me-up when you’re discouraged?

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  • jte521

    Hmm, I never thought about using my spam comments as a pick-me-up! You’re right, though, they’re usually pretty positive. I did have one recently that said my blog was “riddled with grammatical errors and misspelled words,” and as someone who writes and edits as a huge part of my job, I found that very insulting, even though it was so clearly spam. 🙂

  • Hey, I’m jealous of your spam! I’ve never gotten blog comment spam. Haha, they read like fortune cookies, positive messages full of grammatical errors! Since I don’t have any fun spam to share, I’ll tell you my favorite fortune cookie message:

    “You are a happy man. :)”

    A) I’m not a man
    B) Assigning gender in a fortune cookie is not ok
    3) Did you really have to throw in the smiley face?

    In the end, I kept it and love it. While I have never been/never will be a man, it made me happy after all.

    Way to turn the negative into the positive, Jill!

    “Good work! Me enjoy you’re good blog”

  • Oh my gosh. What a funny and weird fortune cookie. “Me enjoy your non-spam comment!”