Agent Stalking on Twitter Can Land a Free Query Critique

As any novelist knows, signing with an agent is like getting a finisher medal at the end of a marathon, the outcome of a lot of hard work, sweat and tears.

I knew this when I finished my first novel last summer and began hunting for an agent. After researching agents in “The Guide to Literary Agents” I did Google searches on each one who represented any form of women’s fiction. This led me to Twitter, which I joined so I could quietly stalk many of these agents.

Fast forward to today, when agent Meredith Barnes (@mer_barnes) tweeted, “Want a free query critique?” with a link to her blog. You can read her post here.  In short, she’s leveraging the online promotional power of aspiring novelists to promote the electronic releases of several client’s books.

What a great idea. She’s helping new authors hone their pitches while helping established authors like Deborah CampLorena DureauDan Streib and Barbara Keesling get some free marketing. That’s the kind of agent I want. I’m so glad I’ve been Twitter stalking her.

Of course, Meredith already had a highlighted place in my agent hunting spreadsheet. Yes, along with my novel spreadsheet and my running log spreadsheet, I have a spreadsheet to corral all the information I’m digging up on potential agents. I have a note by Meredith’s name that she helped me connect with a beta reader for my book, but that’s another blog post altogether.

Frankly, after reading some of the summaries about her clients’ electronic book releases, I decided to download a few to my brand-new Kindle. The three books I loaded on Wednesday are a little lonely. I’d do that even if Meredith weren’t offering a query critique, but I’m also really looking forward to getting her feedback. I look at it like a water and gel aid station at mile 20 in my marathon.

Do you have a goal you’re approaching like a marathon?
What are your aid stations along the way?
Do you have any electronic book recommendations?

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  • Great post, Jill! I really need to get more into Twitter. I created a username and now it’s been so long since I used it, I don’t even remember what it was!

  • Twitter won’t care if you create a new one, Kitty.