7 facts, revelations or confidences from a rule breaking blogger

Wheeee! My first blog award. I’m blushing. I’m smiling. I’m squirming in my seat because I’m not dressed to impress in these faded jeans and baggy sweatshirt. Surely I need something silky and sequin-encrusted to give my acceptance speech.

A special thanks to Kelley Lane at Call Me Bookish, for nominating the 3Rs blog. This acceptance speech wouldn’t be possible without you. Really.

So, according to the rules, after thanking my nominator I have to share 7 facts about myself and pay it forward by nominating 15 more bloggers for the award. Grab a snack. This will be a longer-than-usual post.

7 facts:

  1. I failed the run portion of the Presidential physical fitness test all through elementary school. I blame it on a side stitch and hacking asthmatic cough that plagued me for years, though I also had a lack-luster appreciation for a certificate sporting a stamped signature from THE POTUS. Whatever. If they’d handed out medals or tech material t-shirts at the end, I might have run more than a few strides.
  2. I owned a pony when I was little. You wish you were me, don’t you? The ironically named Thunder Pony once got so sick of me & my preschool buddies riding him all over the pasture, he put his head down and gave a good shake. We slid off his neck into a heap. Good times.
  3. I don’t like math but have a thing for spreadsheets. This isn’t news if you follow my blog, but it’s one of the conundrums of my personality. Or maybe it’s a sickness.
  4. I think the best dinner is breakfast. This includes cereal, which I serve for supper once a week. Waffles, french toast, eggs and bacon are also acceptable evening fare.
  5. I had 10 wisdom teeth removed. Behind my 4 regular wisdom teeth the dentist found extra nubs of enamel waiting in the wings and he charged me an extra extraction fee for each one. It’s my assertion that extra wisdom teeth prove I’m extra wise.
  6. I believe in monsters because THEY’RE REAL. While the monsters haven’t visited me recently, they made nightly appearances in my basement bedroom when I was five. In case this ever happens to you, the wise response to a monster visit is to scream as loud as possible until your mother rushes in to chase them away. Thanks, Mom. You’re the best banisher of monsters. (No acceptance speech is complete without a nod to Mom with a made up word.)
  7. I can type 92 words a minute for 3 minutes with 99% accuracy. Yup. I took a test last week because my son asked how fast I was. Wicked fast. I can type almost as fast as I can talk. Too bad you can’t get a certificate from THE POTUS for that little skill.

I hereby nominate the following blogs (consider this the blog equivalent of a Friday follow.) Bloggers, you can do whatever you like with the award.

  1. Fitness Diaries: My friend Atania posts inspiring stories about women over 50 who are fit and fabulous. Atania is pretty fit and fabulous herself.
  2. Grateful Mama: Sugar Magnolia shares her perspective as an athlete, a mother of a child with medical challenges, and a wife whose husband has early onset Parkinson’s disease. She’s positive and inspiring.
  3. Redefine Girly: This blog by Melissa Wardy of Pigtail Pals’ is the epitome of activism for anyone who knows girls should be treated like smart, capable & awesome kids, instead of simple-minded shopaholics who only wear Pepto pink. If you only have time to read one post, read Full of Awesome
  4. It’s a Dog Lick Baby World: Kara chronicles her ultra running life (that means she runs so many miles she can eat anything she wants) with funny asides about Faith and Peanut, her baby and dog, respectively. My favorite part of her posts are the hysterical photo captions.
  5. The Lazy Marathoner: Jenn isn’t just another runner. She’s frank about the ups and downs of a fitness lifestyle. She also shares some incredibly innovative vegan recipes.
  6. CAMera: Cheryl-Anne Millsap’s photo blog of people and places is a lovely stop for the cyber-traveler. The blog is art-centric but CAM also writes beautifully.
  7. Kittynonymous: She used to be anonymous but Kitty Hietal recently unveiled her identity. I already knew she was a woman after my own heart – a voraciously reading writer.
  8. Roc the Run: Yeah, it’s another cool running blog, but Eric also blogs about yoga, gear and outdoor pursuits like white water rafting, snow shoeing and camping.

9-15.  Okay, I know the rules say I’m supposed to nominate 15 blogs, but it’s taken me over a week to get this far. Some rules were meant to be broken.

Tell me, what seven blogs should I have added to the list of nominations?

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  • Honored!!! Great post… as usual!

  • Thank you! I’m honored!

  • Yay! I love your facts, Jill! As a fellow asthma sufferer, I never passed the Presidential Physical Fitness Test either. I WANTED that award, but never got it; the latter was especially frustrating because I broke the school record for the sit and reach.

    Also, if we didn’t have breakfast-at-night every Wednesday, I don’t think that I would have graduated from college. I was already undernourished, and too broke to order out! I always want waffles 24/7! Honestly, who doesn’t?

    I still wish that I had a pony…

    • Thanks Kelley, luckily my asthma was very mild & I haven’t (knock on wood) suffered the cough in several years. Way to go on the sit and reach. The only test I aced was the situp test.

  • Hey 3Rs, I was a rule-breaker, too. Took me forever to nominate/award 15 blogs/bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award. PS – I just added your blog to the VBA blogroll. Carley

    • Glad to know I’m not the only rule breaker. Thanks for the add, Carley.

      • You’re welcome. I also featured one of your posts as “Another Fun VBA Post” — the one about the shoes! Fun stuff. Congrats! Carley

  • Hi Jill–thanks for visiting my site and commenting on a recent post. I love how we sometimes randomly find our way to other wonderful bloggers–such as the way I found myself on your site! Love it and will be back to read more.


    • Thanks Sylvia, I’ll be back to yours as well. Happy blogging.

  • I never passed the presidential fitness test either! Except for the V sit. 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words!