An Adult Approach to Publishing News

Where's the Publishing Section in the paper?

I recently wrote a post about my childish response to publishing news. Well, just to set the record straight, I don’t always put my fingers in my ears and sing, “la, la, la” while running off to play with my imaginary friends fictional characters. Sometimes I act like an adult.

How should an adult handle publishing news? I’m not sure, but I think she reads.

She reads with the ravenous fervor of a stray dog at an overturned truck spilling out groceries. Some of the food is nourishing. Some is difficult to digest. Some makes her eat grass and throw up.

She reads every tweet, blog post and article she can find about publishing, perusing the roads and alleys of the internet to stalk agents, editors, authors and publishing pundits.

She reads about craft, queries, craft, contracts, e-book formatting, craft and marketing. Did I mention craft? She consumes books and articles about how to create compelling characters, build tension and cut weedy words. She also reads about building platform and reaching readers through websites, social media, blogging, contests, newsletter lists, book signings and back scratching.

She reads the yin and yang of publishing posts like this one posted on Monday by Joe Konrath and this one posted yesterday by The Author’s Guild. She also reads the middle-ground perspectives of Jane Freidman and Porter Anderson, along with a crowd of other authors, agents and publishing professionals clamoring about THE STATE OF PUBLISHING.

Finally, when she’s too full to digest any more admonitions, opinions, theories and prophesies about writing and publishing she gets back to work, which is playing with her imaginary friends fictional characters.

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