Hungry for Hunger Games

ImageThe odds were ever in my favor. My family will be watching The Hunger Games movie premier at 12:01 AM on March 23. I bought tickets yesterday morning an hour after receiving an email from Fandango that they were available. It’s a good thing, too. The premier is sure to sell out. According to this article, first day advance sales have eclipsed the first Twilight movie.

Yes, that pun was on purpose.

No, I haven’t read the Twilight books.


This whole midnight movie premier is a first for me. While my husband and I attend an occasional movie in the theater we usually wait until we can rent one for about a dollar at Redbox. But this is different.

Last summer I checked out the first book in The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, right before a two week camping road trip. During our unplugged time in Canada both my daughter and I read the book and loved it. I loved it so much, in fact, I immediately bought the trilogy when we got home and promptly devoured books two and three. My set has been in circulation ever since.

One-by-one the members of my family have read the books. My youngest son, age 10, is almost done with book two. The teens and my husband have finished the trilogy, as has one of my friends.

Though my family reads a lot, this is the first time we’ve all read and loved the same series. This would probably have been true with the Harry Potter books but I never read them. 


I know. I should have read Harry Potter and I’m sure they’re just as fabulous as everyone says. Still, I didn’t get around to reading them before I watched the movies with my kids. Actually, I fell asleep during the movies. Shoot me.

Maybe someday I’ll read Harry Potter but since the plot isn’t a mystery I’ve turned my attention to other books. Like The Hunger Games. I’ll probably read the first book again before the movie. It’s that good.

I’m looking forward to taking the family to the premier, even though it couldn’t possibly be as good as the book…even though it’s PG-13 and my youngest is only 10….even though it’s a school night. I’m excusing the kids from classes the next day. Or is that the same day?

As my daughter said, “it’s a family bonding experience.” I think the odds for that are in our favor.

What book have you loved so much you’d pay to see its movie version at midnight?
What should I do to ensure I stay awake for this movie? 

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  • I can not WAIT to see the Hunger Games. I read the books over Christmas this year and love watching the trailers. If I had more time I would reread the first book before I see the movie. So excited. 🙂

    • Me too, Robin. When I think about going to this movie I get that giddy anticipation I used to feel as a kid when shaking the presents under the tree.

  • You are obviously one of those “cool moms.” First of all, you read the series, which is a lot more than some other moms, like mine, can say. Second, you are letting them go to the midnight showing and skip school the next day. That’s what memories are made of. Ahh, literary memories…

    I am so excited to see the movie version!

    Just cheat and eat lots of candy, that should do the trick!