New View Finding Series Starts at Glacier National Park

When my family goes hiking and we reach a viewpoint, my husband and I always yell, “View hallo!” I think we got this term from a Winnie-the-Pooh movie but I couldn’t find the reference when I looked for it online. I did, however, discover that we’re misusing the expression. Apparently fox hunters holler, “view halloo” when they see their prey break from cover. I like my version better. It means I’ve found a view.

Starting with a hike in Glacier National Park, I’m launching a weekly Wednesday series on view finding, those moments when I take a deeper breath and savor the sights, then fumble for my camera. That’s if I remember the camera. Whether you’re running, hiking, biking, four-wheeling or skiing, I believe the view is always worth finding.

Glacier National Park – Hiking to Hidden Lake (6 miles round trip)

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Does anyone know what cartoon character said “View Halloo”?
Was it Tigger?

Do you have a favorite hike or vista? 

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  • Lorelei Plagman

    Favorite hike or vista? Just about anywhere in Yellowstone. There’s also a pull off point in southern MT (I’ll have to look up the name) that is always extremely windy and you swear if you held up an umbrella you could take off for parts unknown. When I stood there contemplating my relative safety and wondering if toddlers have ever become airborne here, I imagined I was a Native American crossing through with my tribe or on a hunting expedition. I love to find those places that are free of power lines, cell towers, fences and all signs of human progress and take myself back to yesteryear and what it was like to actually live off (and on) the land.

    • It’s getting harder to find places without signs of human progress, but it’s worth it! I’ve only seen a fraction of Yellowstone and it is amazing.

  • Jen

    Beautiful photos! Look forward to seeing more.

  • Lovely to think of greeting the view (rather than sighting the prey)! Still playing with viewfinder– is it the scout sent out in search of views, or the mechanical frame that “finds” the view in the act of marking it off?

  • LOL. Definitely the scout. Amalia, you may write prose buy you perceive like a poet. Do you write poetry too? By the way, I love your Iguazu falls photos. I interviewed someone last week who said her soul was happy there. Then I saw your pictures. Now I ache to see them for myself.

  • For favorites I have to go with Yosemite. Favorite hike – the 18 mile round-trip Half Dome hike, absolutely amazing. Favorite vista, the view from Glacier Point in Yosemite, one of the best views on Earth in my opinion.

  • I’ve been to the edges of Yosemite but didn’t have time to really see it. It’s on the must-go-back list.

  • You’ve posted some nice photographs of a very popular hiking destination. Thanks for the memories.

    btw, on the other side of the country, your “view halloo” would work great on the Blue Ridge Parkway. One moment, everything’s enclosed by ridges, trees or clouds. The next moment, a great view opens up.