View Finding – Hiking to Dog Lake in Kootenay NP

This is part of a weekly series about view finding, those moments when you take a deeper breath and savor the sights, then fumble for your camera. Whether you’re running, hiking, biking, four-wheeling or skiing, take a moment to enjoy the view.

When we camped at McLeod Meadows in Kootenay National Park (B.C.) there were very few people to enjoy the scenery. This was a nice break after the tourists crowding the trails in Banff National Park.

From our campsite we hiked to Dog Lake (an easy 5.2 km round trip) and only saw four people the entire morning. Two of them were rangers downloading data from a motion detecting wildlife camera. They probably have some goofy pictures of the Barvilles.

We didn’t see any bear on this hike, probably because we’re a noisy family. That’s okay with me.

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Have you gone on a bear hunt hike? Did you make noise to warn the wildlife?

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  • Jill, your “View Finding” series is so cool; while I love the scenic shots, the pictures of your kids and Tippy are hilarious. I’d watch the Barville family raise some hell on the trail any day!

    • Lol. Oh good. I wondered if was getting a little too “family vacation”