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Cartoon about Running Vacation

It’s funny how many runners bend their vacations around the run. We’ve scheduled our “leave-the-house” time for after a long run and mapped new running routes on MapMyRun when we knew where we’d be staying for the night. (When you spend most vacations camping, you usually don’t know where you’ll be spending the night.)

Last year, however, before my husband and I traveled to Phoenix to see the Ducks play in the BSC National Championship, I first found two nearby parks so we could run the trails.

This was obviously taken before the big game.

Those runs were the highlight of our trip and probably would have still been the highlight if Oregon had won the game.

This game was a lot of fun. It would have been more fun if we’d won.



We recovered from our 3 point loss by running another trail. Yes, I’m wearing the same shirt from the previous night. Why get a clean shirt all sweaty when I can get a lightly worn shirt all sweaty instead?

Our approach to running vacations is mild compared to some runners we know. A triathlete we see at a lot of local races and running club events, for example, asked if my husband and I had started scheduling our vacations around out-of-town races. The glint in his eyes was that of a running evangelist and his shirt was a moisture-wicking billboard for a half-marathon in California – obvious race swag.

I replied, “not yet.”

Over the last two years I’ve looked up quite a few marathons at Marathon Guide and then priced the cost of hotel and airfare for a winter weekend running in a warmer locale. I really liked running trails in Phoenix in January.

Each time I look, the itch to race somewhere new gets stronger and stronger. It’s only a matter of time before I scratch it. Until then, I’ll keep mapping new routes.

How do you run your vacations?

About the comic:  Since I run kinda funny, about once a month 3Rs posts a running comic courtesy of Jason Nocera from Running Shirts and Gifts. Jason also creates custom comics.

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  • Great post! Nobody else in my family is a runner, so we don’t schedule around running routes. And – I have to be honest here – I’ve been slacking. *hangs head in shame* But, there’s some talk among my Ragnar team from two years ago of doing another Ragnar in a different locale next year and I feel the inspiration beginning to build! Even though I swore I wouldn’t do Ragnar again because it’s crazy. But it’s a good kind of crazy!

  • Most running is a good kind of crazy but these overnight relays are super crazy. I looked up Ragnar and we have something similar here called Spokane to Sandpoint. In past years teams rode a roller coaster in the middle of the night at an amusement park that’s along the route.

  • LOL. The mud runs with obstacles are like the next big thing since barefoot running. My husband keeps bugging me to do one but so far they’ve all been bad times. One of the ones near us has you chug a beer in the middle and another has you jump over a flaming obstacle. They do look fun.

  • I’m not a runner, but I still “get” this mentality. I love that you plan vacations around one of your biggest passions. Why shouldn’t you? I mean, you do get to kill two birds with one stone. I’m just so happy that this is something that you and your husband like doing together. It’s nice that you can share it with one another. Keep running, Jill!