Running Funny in my Favorite Shoes

I’m lucky to have two great and faithful running partners. Not just my shoes. Twice a week I run with Susan at 5:30 in the morning and most weekends I long run with my husband.

Still, I can relate to this comic strip because I’ve been wearing the same brand of running shoes for years. All my life I’ve had hard-to-fit feet. Before kids they were a size 9 AAA. After kids that turned into a 10 AA. Try finding those sizes in your standard store. You won’t.

I special order most of my shoes but I can pick up a pair of Brooks Adrenalines (which I’ve been wearing since version 4 or 5) in a size 11N at my local running store, Runner’s Soul. With a funky little lacing secret I can keep my heel from sliding forward and they fit just fine.

There are a couple other brands that come in narrow sizes and I own a pair of Nikes, so I can alternate every other day, but the Adrenalines are by far my favorite. They’re my go-to shoe.  In fact, I bought a new pair on sale last week because the new version comes out this month. I’ll start wearing them once I’ve logged another 25 miles on the old pair.

My only complaint? I can’t get a narrow shoe in fun colors and I’m SO BORED with blue and white. But I’d rather wear a boring shoe that never gives me blisters and helps keep injury at bay than lace up a hot pink pair and end up hobbling home. Though I’d really like a hot pink pair of running shoes.

What are your favorite running shoes? Favorite color of running shoes?

About the comic:  Since I run kinda funny, I like to post running comics courtesy of Jason Nocera from Running Shirts and Gifts. Jason also creates custom comics. He runs AND he’s funny.

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  • Barb

    I also love the Brooks Adrenaline but they were starting to beat up my toes so I recently switched to Saucony Guides and so far I like them. I too wish I could get the fun & funky colored shoes but they are never available in size 10 so I go buy neon laces to add a little flash 🙂

    • Why didn’t I think of getting fun shoelaces?! Great idea.

  • runnerjen521

    I have the opposite problem – wide feet! But, like you, that means I don’t get the shoes in fun colors most of the time. I have a couple pairs of Brooks Glycerin 9s I love. I haven’t yet tried the 10s but am hoping I’ll like those just as much.

  • I’m in the market for new running shoes, so I appreciate the tips!