Running with Music and Memories of the Mix Tap

Sony Walkman NWZ-W262

Meet my newest running partner. All that time I spend using social media paid off with the best Klout perk I’ve received to date. I took this baby out for a run today and found myself flooded with memories.

I’m going to date myself with this post but my first Sony Walkman was a hand-held tape player. Yeah. It played cassette tapes. It had a belt clip but whenever I tried to run with it the heaviness made it flop around too much so I carried it like a baton while I listened to a mix tape that featured more than one shiny, happy song by the B-52’s.

Remember the mix tape? I had a running one, a driving one and one my boyfriend made me. Making a mix tape was a serious time investment that said “I love you.” I ended up marrying that boyfriend. It must have been the mix tape.

Creating a mix tape for exercise used to be serious business. I remember sitting for what felt like hours using the dual-cassette feature on my stereo. If you road-tested a song and it was too slow you couldn’t just delete it and add a new song. That would require a lot of work finding a song exactly the same length, or living with partial pieces of music playing in your ear.

Usually you just dealt with the rpm or held the fast forward button down for a block or so.

While I’m nostalgic over the mix tape I far prefer today’s method of making soundtracks –  the playlist – which is a lot more convenient and customized. It took next to no time for me to upload five hours of uptempo songs on this cute little over-the-ears Walkman and hit the pavement. It took one button touch and barely a step to jump to the next song if the beat didn’t meet or match my pace.

Yeah. I like this new toy enough I think I’ll name it Cindy Kate, in honor of the B-52’s. I didn’t run to the B-52’s today. They’re not even on my playlist, though I have about 1.8 mb left so I could easily add a song for nostalgia’s sake.

Instead, today’s five-mile soundtrack included a lot of techno songs my son suggested (good suggestion), some Sick Puppies, Adam Lambert, and my age-old favorite – Billy Idol. White Wedding will never, ever get old for me.  And it sounds great playing on this wearable, wireless Walkman. I just hope the water-resistant feature is fully functional. I sweat a lot.

Do you run with music? What are your favorite songs to exercise to? Did you ever make or receive a mix tape? 

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  • runnerjen521

    White Wedding = best Billy Idol song.