3Rs Blog

3Rs = wRiting, Running and Reading.

Writing: As a professional wordsmith, I write everything. Well, almost everything. I don’t write recipes because I’m a horrible cook.  But I do write newspaper & magazine articles, PR copy, computer manuals, poetry and fiction. Fiction is my favorite, but it’s all fun. Even the computer manuals.

Running: While I’m not fast, or even particularly thin, I manage stress and rationalize my sugar addiction with running. I’ve run two marathons even though a physical therapist told me I wasn’t made to run and shouldn’t try to run any marathons. I’m stubborn that way and plan to run many more.

Reading: Naturally, I’m also an avid and voracious reader. Like writing, my favorite is fiction and I love to curl up with both commerical and literary novels. I also read soical media, blog posts, articles, advertisements and the back of the cereal boxes, usually over dinner.  Yes, sometimes I feed my family cereal for dinner. Don’t judge.