I’m Jill and this website is blog, business card, and backyard, all rolled into one.

The Blog: This page started as the 3Rs blog, a way to connect with other readers, writers and runners. Reading, wRiting and Running are, hands down, my favorite activities.

The Business Card: I write for a living as a freelance journalist and technical writer, with PR and marketing jobs thrown in for variety. To learn more about my services, go to the Barville Communications page. Click to Columns tab to read some selected columns. You can also go to The Spokesman Review website to read some of my latest stories and columns.

The Backyard: This is for everything else. The backyard is where you kick off your shoes, grab a tasty beverage and hang out. Wander between the flower beds, blow a few dandelion seeds, or throw a ball to my dog. The backyard is for all the ideas that don’t fit into a neat little box but still beg for an online outlet. It’s a place to connect.

Contact Me
I enjoy hearing from other writers, runners, readers and backyard wanderers. You can also contact me here: