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Behind the Book Review

Today, my friend Cindy Hval blogged about the first bad review she’s received for her book, War Bonds: Love Stories From the Greatest Generation. In one scathing sentence on Goodreads a woman named Frances Fuller claimed that the book bored her so much … Continue reading

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Quick Steps to Read that Word Document on Your Kindle

When I lined up a few beta readers for my novel this winter, two of them asked for a file they could read on their Kindles. My own Kindle (Beth) was still shiny new so I had to figure this … Continue reading

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3 Writing-Related Books Worth Buying

As a writer one of my favorite job responsibilities is reading. I’m always baffled by writers who say they don’t have time to read. To me, a writer who doesn’t read is like a professional basketball player who doesn’t watch … Continue reading

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Hungry for Hunger Games

The odds were ever in my favor. My family will be watching The Hunger Games movie premier at 12:01 AM on March 23. I bought tickets yesterday morning an hour after receiving an email from Fandango that they were available. … Continue reading

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I Read Banned Books

I believe banning books is only a hop, skip and a jump away from burning books. Books are more than a window to another world, an escape, or a place to stretch the wings of your imagination. They let you … Continue reading

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Late to the Kindle party but having a blast

Confession: I’m a slow adopter of leisure-oriented technology. Just check out the size of this speaker to my 20-year-old stereo. I blame my slow adoption tendency on two things: I want an obvious distinction between work and play. After more than 15 … Continue reading

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When to shelve a book before the end

I used to feel a sense of obligation when I started a new novel. Unless I quit reading during the first chapter, I’d slog through to the end even if I wasn’t enjoying it.  Instead of sharing beautiful writing and … Continue reading

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Reading Roundup – because reading is better than a spa day

Last week I went to one of those do-it-yourself spas, the kind where you stand in a tanning machine, lay on a massage bed or put product on your face and sit under a LED facial hood.  It was a … Continue reading

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