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Researching College Running Programs

Now that our son is a junior in high school and receiving recruiting letters, he’s started looking into college running programs. Like most competitive athletes, he wants to run for one of the best programs where he can make the … Continue reading

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Stats for High School and Collegiate Runners

Statistics for cross country and track athletes are pretty simple. They measure distance and time. How fast can the athlete run from start to finish line? For the casual athlete, like me, a running spreadsheet or social media site like dailymile is a … Continue reading

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Spartan Race Entry Giveaway – Find Your Strength

Overcoming obstacles in a Spartan adventure race is a lot like conquering challenges in life. It forces you to face your weaknesses while finding your strength. But the experience is wrapped in exhilaration, adrenaline, camaraderie and mud. A lot of mud. Thanks … Continue reading

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Spartan Strong and Winning

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” – Spartan Meme That statement sums up the last year for me. It’s true in a way that’s bittersweet but incredibly empowering. So, in honor … Continue reading

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Running Naked

Running naked can be illuminating. Earlier this month I ran the Oktoberfest Half Marathon in Leavenworth, my third half marathon since spring. I’d already met my time goals for the year so I decided to run this one naked. That’s runner … Continue reading

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Marathon Warrior beats Breast Cancer and Runs for Life

When it comes to life’s challenges, Spokane resident Carol Dellinger approaches them like a marathon, with optimism, determination and strength. Known as the marathon machine or marathon warrior, Dellinger runs a marathon every two to three weeks. She finished No. 272 … Continue reading

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When It Hurts Too Much To Run

Normally, running is my escape, my stress relief and my joy. In April I discovered this isn’t always the case. In April my 17 year old daughter Emily, who was studying abroad in Germany for the year, was hospitalized for … Continue reading

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Ready to Race

I love to run AND I love to race. As a 9ish-minute miler you won’t see me standing on any podiums but something about running races gets my competitive juices flowing. I race faster than I run, even though I’m … Continue reading

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Running with Music and Memories of the Mix Tap

Meet my newest running partner. All that time I spend using social media paid off with the best Klout perk I’ve received to date. I took this baby out for a run today and found myself flooded with memories. I’m … Continue reading

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Running Toenail Troubles

For several years I’ve read about the toenail troubles commonly experienced by endurance runners, but didn’t share those woes with my toes. I figured this was because I buy my running shoes a full size larger than my street shoes. … Continue reading

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